Weld Ep

by Blackhole

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Sean Roycraft This band sounds angry.
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released August 14, 2016



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We're a small band from a small town. Angry fast, and loud.

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Track Name: Weld
All the complaining, why don't you just leave? The frames in my head keep asking me. So much has changed and been left behind. Convincing myself this isn't a waste of time. How much music? How much art? Was it all for nothing from the very start? My hands are welded to the fucking bars. Don't tell me letting go isn't that hard. Years spent on this, but how many more? Youth have the market cornered on hardcore.
Is there an end in sight? That I can't see?
Should this all just be a memory?

These scars won't heal these marks won't fade, forever a creature created by this place. I can walk out the door, but can I really leave? I might convince you but I can't convince me.

Wave goodbye to your youth. What else is there left to do? Watch the torch burn out. Charred remains hit the ground.
Track Name: Costume Party
All pictures no words. What would they even say? A black and white filter is all you need anyway. Boots and leather jackets, that's all it was right? It's gotta be punk so let's not even try.

Copy. Paste. Rinse. Repeat. No context and no Meaning. Copy. Paste. Rinse. Repeat. Imitate the past badly.

All pictures, no words. What would they even say? A black and white filter's all you need anyway. 9 shirts and a demo, that's all you really need. You've got down the feel cause it's all you've ever seen.

Maybe something will come of this? Maybe less flash and more substance? Maybe they'll start flexing their heads?

I won't be surprised when this fizzles out, What would you expect from trust fund drop outs? Iphone demos need to be thrown away. Turn up the reverb on the vocals because you've got nothing to say. Throw on your costumes, It's time to be punk.Better than everyone and still getting drunk. Is all of this really to much to ask? I don't get it.
Track Name: No Different, Not Impressed
Penchant for conflict and you think I can't see?
And don't for a second think you're worth this. But I can't stand by as I watch you degrade our scene.

Not using your head, of course don't read. Don't dig into the past, don't find out what this means. The world you know is only what you see. Walk in someone else's shoes? Not even in your dreams.

Assert yourself. Measure your dick. This isn't fun. Self absorbed prick.

How long have you been here? How long will you stay? God I wish you would just go away.
The only thing you want is to be on top.
When you grow up you'll probably be a fucking cop.
What makes you different from everyone else? Different packaging on the same shelf. Against the grain? Could have fooled me. Keep acting like our fucked up society.

Like a drunk dad beating his wife. What are you trying to accomplish? And you wonder why no one's coming around here. Your no different and I'm not impressed.