by Blackhole

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released June 21, 2011



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We're a small band from a small town. Angry fast, and loud.

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Track Name: Back Alley Brain Abortion
Fields and parks Everyday so I spit on the ground.
Not a thing left to do in this dried up town.
Setting fires, spraying walls destruction becomes our art.
Can't escape this Blackhole, so we rip it apart.

Skate and Destroy, vandalize and steal.
Anything to make this nightmare seem real.
Charges for theft, friends ODed on Meth.
Left us all blind, dumb and deaf.
This oppressive force bears down on our minds,
When we can't find ways to make this right.
An endless twilight, the clock stops here.
When you're different, there's everything to fear.

This won't be the end of us all.
This won't be the end, of you and me.
Push but you can't make us Fall
Never be casualties of Complacency.
Track Name: Lost Sight Start a Fight
Take your anger out put it on someone else. Don't care who it is just worry about yourself. Domination over someone smaller than you. you never gave a fuck, beat them black and blue.

Why do you feel the need to fight? Won't make it better, won't make it right. It only Proves that you're a fucking thug.
Weren't we supposed to make a change, make it better, rearrange life friends music and everything? Make a change for the better.

All this violence will result in apathy and aggravation. If all we ever do is fight, we will never get anything done.

And we'll have nothing to show
Track Name: Cornerd
Backed into a corner, what happens now? Lashing out at anything because I know how. My terror makes me vicious and I've been scared my whole life. Learn to deal with the fear, but it comes out tonight. I don't know who I am and that's why I'm so afraid. This skin I've made for myself has become my own grave.

Is there anything left, under this elephant skin? To tell you the truth, I don't know. Let me out, i want to find out who i am.
Track Name: Auto-Tuned Existence
Pick your cut, stand in line, You give them dollars when you give us dimes. Sometimes I wish you'd understand what this means to me. Maybe you'll understand, and Maybe you'll find out why. Throw your money away, and leave us behind as you buy and you buy and you buy.

Don't you know you're destroying this, with every dollar you spend with them?

Pissing on our hopes and pissing on our dreams, Pissing on the ashes of whats left of our scene. Don't forget to wipe, don't forget to flush, After you're done pissing on what this meant to us. Unintentionally dismember everything we built, just buy buying into this capitalist filth.

Those neon clothes won't put the light back in your soul. You fell into the blackhole and you gave into control.
Track Name: Homospirituality
Pray for yourself in these trying times. Pray to your Sudafed, Oxi's and prescription meds, maybe they'll help to ease the pain inside from being born into suppression, of spiritual Impression, callus building machine they call "church". Full of generalized terms, for generalizing people. Faith was never for the individual. You're religious conventions can't explain whats going on inside of me.

Sucking at the river of life, through this broken straw.\

Just as the laws of the pharisees were created, so are these boxes that you have instated. this relationship was never personal. When every step i take is forever planned i can't get out of this box that you put me in. Sit on top with your chain, padlock it shut.

I won't be your fish to catch, won't be your sheep to heard. keep your line and crook away from me, save your breath i don't need your words.

I am the product of your systematic spirituality, that failed troubleshoot flow chart. take me off your rosters, I'm not coming back. You claimed this was about compassion and understanding. This was always truly about turning me into something you could understand. There is nothing you can say to outline how I'm feeling. None f your conventions can explain the state of my soul.