No Different, Not Impressed

from by Blackhole

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Penchant for conflict and you think I can't see?
And don't for a second think you're worth this. But I can't stand by as I watch you degrade our scene.

Not using your head, of course don't read. Don't dig into the past, don't find out what this means. The world you know is only what you see. Walk in someone else's shoes? Not even in your dreams.

Assert yourself. Measure your dick. This isn't fun. Self absorbed prick.

How long have you been here? How long will you stay? God I wish you would just go away.
The only thing you want is to be on top.
When you grow up you'll probably be a fucking cop.
What makes you different from everyone else? Different packaging on the same shelf. Against the grain? Could have fooled me. Keep acting like our fucked up society.

Like a drunk dad beating his wife. What are you trying to accomplish? And you wonder why no one's coming around here. Your no different and I'm not impressed.


from Weld Ep, released August 14, 2016



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We're a small band from a small town. Angry fast, and loud.

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