by Blackhole

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released March 12, 2013

Micah - Drums
Keeter - Guitar
Hal - Vox
DJ - Bass



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We're a small band from a small town. Angry fast, and loud.

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Track Name: Intro/The Blackhole
It’s a place hard to escape, when you find yourself in it, losing more of yourself no matter how you
spin it. Convince yourself over and over that it’s going to be over that your welcome has run over
until you can’t even recover anything you once were, why do you hate yourself so much? Looking
Back on old times you can never get them back. Slipping further (into darkness) who you are has
(been sucked out from you) Growing up or (throwing away) All your values (once believed in)
Until you finally look in the mirror, and realize you’ve become the person you never wanted to be.
Track Name: Frames
Looking forward, family lost its meaning I won’t stop screaming. If something meant to keep the
bond of love I can’t stop screaming. My head is wrapped around constant bullshit and feeling
worthless. I need a better sense of when to come down. But i won’t let that get the best of me.
Thoughts of myself, how could i lose?Shut out the shit i fear to choose. Frames in my head, can’t
stop and think. My mind is racing, can’t break the link. The past is dead and time goes on, I grow deaf
and sick of a life this long. Frames in my head, I can’t stop to think. My mind is racing, can’t break the
Track Name: Crosstica
They hate the way, Hate the way we live and we think. So easily lead, no they’re on the fucking brink.
They can’t take us, see us as a major threat. Their perfect world, and we are not a part of it. So we fall
back, thrive in the places they won’t go. But we see more this is a place where we all grow. They can’t
understand, so they fear and so they hate. Can it be helped? or will they be dealt the same fate?
Can’t escape the judge, the stare. The time will come for them to get theirs.
Hate, Bigotry and intolerance have their own consequences.
Track Name: 5/22
Friends dead in the streets, everything I own is gone, life wreck from the skies, try to force our way out
Making it out straight with our minds intact, always pressing forward never looking back. Rising
from the rubble and debris. New people formed from pain and misery. Hearts of stone, minds as hard as
a brick. not gonna let up, as long as we live. What else have you got? I’ve got nothing to lose. Takes
more than a storm to tear away what we have. More than some wind to take this away from us.
Track Name: Wolves in Pigs Clothing
Eyes red in the darkness, they’re all holding badges. They hunt for you, smell the fear in your blood.
track you at night, providing a service. bullshit. serve and protect, they’re just here for the hunt.
Power over us because we’re just prey. Setting their traps, you can’t avoid them. Keep watching your
back, hope you get away from them. Still running wonder if we’ll ever escape? Snarl and bite, soon as
you show resistance, they hunt you all night never ceasing persistence until they’ve got you in their
jaws. Are you satisfied? We’ve done nothing wrong. Why can’t you just leave us alone? How can you
call this equality, when you’re feeding your family with my friends and me. ACAB
Track Name: Ledges
I thought there was something left for me here those years ago, but now they’ve torn it down that
place i’ve called home. Destroyed the roads, paved over the map. Remember the ledge? Now there’s
only grass. I guess I shouldn’t be attached to this place. It’s in the past and i didn’t even skate. but it
stood for something, meant something to me, and now that it’s gone i don’t really see... Why i should
stay, everything here is gone. Not gonna stay attached to a place that’s done me so wrong. The reason
why i was cornered i see, is everything this town did to me. Those walls we sprayed, the fires we set,
means nothing now because there’s nothing left.
Track Name: Worn Out (bonus track)
I'm still standing up here. None of my words reaching intended ears. Nothing at home has changed, at least not in the way that i wanted to hear. They don't care what we have to say, or we might see something else. If we actually made a change, why is everyone still standing around?

Worn out, Worn out, all of this effort and no return.
Worn out, worn out is this still for myself?
Worn out, I'm worn out, still by the kids, for the kids?
Worn out, I'm worn out, why won't anyone help?

Walk out the same way you came in.