Back​-​Alley Brain Abortion

by Blackhole



Recorded Live at Zombie Life Studio in Joplin Missouri by Jared Naff

This song is about living in a small town in southwest Missouri named Neosho.


Fields and parks Everyday so I spit on the ground.
Not a thing left to do in this dried up town.
Setting fires, spraying walls destruction becomes our art.
Can't escape this Blackhole, so we rip it apart.

Skate and Destroy, vandalize and steal.
Anything to make this nightmare seem real.
Charges for theft, friends ODed on Meth.
Left us all blind, dumb and deaf.
This oppressive force bears down on our minds,
When we can't find ways to make this right.
An endless twilight, the clock stops here.
When you're different, there's everything to fear.

This won't be the end of us all.
This won't be the end, of you and me.
Push but you can't make us Fall
Never be casualties of Complacency.


released May 2, 2011
Blackhole gang is: Josh Evans, Josiah Liston, Ethan Harp, and maybe a few more i forgot.



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We're a small band from a small town. Angry fast, and loud.

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